Monday, March 12, 2012

Fast talkin' poem

"I'm a brown eyed asian
I'm a skillful asian
I'm a rice eating, bad driving, jay walking asian
I'm a wishy washy asian
I'm a black haired asian
I'm a smart, good grades getting, money making asian
I'm a family loving asian
I'm a computer gaming asian
I'm a tea drinking, book reading, kungfu fighting asian
I'm a takeaway owning asian
I'm a cunning asian
I'm a glasses wearing, instrument playing, classical music loving asian
I know how to live in this world
I know... (Will continue it later).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The beginning; the prologue.

Purple Heart : Prologue : Ta'afuli Andrew Fiu : Pages xx - xx
"The Purple Heart is an American decoration, the oldest military decoration in the world in present use and the first American award made available to the common soldier. It was initially created as the Badge of Military Merit by one of the world's most famous heroes, General George Washington."
"the ideas, the techniques, my personal reaction, and the links to the real world"
// A small summary of the book and a bit about the author:
Purple heart is based on a Samoan named 'Ta'afuli Andrew Fiu' who migrated to New Zealand in 1970 at three years old with his parents and younger brother from a small province of Apia in Western Samoa. Ta'afuli was diagnosed with Rheumatic fever at the mere age of fourteen and had undergone five open heart surgeries - currently a world record.

/ Ideas:
x That your family, friends and dear ones are the ones that encourages, pushes and gives you the strength to keep on moving forward.
x That no matter how life threatening your situation is, your closes people are there to support you and forever stick by your side until the end.
x That you don't have to be American or serve in any wars to have a 'purple heart' because throughout someone's life, you have your own conflicts and casualties to deal with.
x That other's may have given up on you, but you shouldn't give up on yourself.

/ Techniques: 
x Repetition - "five times" Emphasizes the amount of times he has had open heart surgery.
x Alliteration - "fabulous family"

/ Personal Reaction:
Reading the prolouge, I found it quite impressive as to how many times he's had surgeries performed on his heart. It made me think of all the pain and suffering he had to go through since a very young age. He was consistantly living in hospitals being monitored every single waking hour, tolerating the pain which was being inflicted on him from the inside, and also induring each and every time he had surgery, hoping he would be able to see a new day. But even through all that, his family and everyone else who was close to him were there to support him. If it were me in his position, I wouldn't have been able to handle anything he had to cope with during all that, I would have probably been emotionally unstable and start doubting life, maybe even trying to end it all so that I wouldn't have to continue the miserable life I was leading.

/ Real World: 
x Every person goes through life threatening situations, some might be more serious than others, but it's still pain we have to deal with somehow.
x No matter how distant you are with your family members, they are always there to support you in times of need.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Things change often.

This is officially my second post.
So recently, I issued the book 'GENESIS' out, hoping it'd be a book that I would take interest in. But sadly, it was the opposite. 

Reading five pages into it, the story started becoming more clear that it was basically all about Anax (the main character) and her examination to get into a very elite school. 
The story was understandable but i just couldn't connect to it at all and instead of trying to comprehend, i chose the easy option - to return the book and get a new book out.

"The book Genesis is actually about an idea rather than a character trying to pass an interview. In the end, it is revealed to Anax that she, along with all others who wish to join the 'academy', are risks to the entire society because of the fact they have been infected with a sort of... idea. The idea is one created with the robot highlighted in the main part of the story when, in her exam, she is explaining what happened between the man she is studying, and the robot he was forced to live with.
The book merely plays on the fact that ideas spread so easily from person to person and once they're implanted on the subconscious, are practically impossible to get out. In the end she is executed after finding all of this out from the examiners because she has been one of those implanted with the idea..." VIA Georgia Moore. 

The book which I took out after GENESIS was 'Purple Heart'. I've only read a few pages, and it seems quite intriguing. Hopefully Purple Heart won't be a book I'd put down straight away after the thirty minutes of reading time is up.

That is all.
Peace. (:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012